LPDP students in GEMBA

We are proud to say that this year, the Global Executive MBA program welcomed three Indonesian recipients of the LPDP scholarship. LPDP (Lembaga Pengelola Dana Pendidikan) is a public service agency under the auspices of the Ministry of Finance for Indonesia – which manages the Education Endowment Fund. LPDP is a very competitive scholarship and is awarded only to the best young scholars in Indonesia, who plan to pursue advanced degrees overseas. In addition to being academically gifted, LPDP scholarship recipients have been identified as future leaders who will contribute to Indonesia’s development after the completion of their studies.

We would like to introduce our LPDP students, and invite you to contact them if you would like any information about life in GEMBA as an LPDP scholarship recipient.

Nainggolan, Reynardo

Reynardo Nainggolan

Home town: Jakarta

Current employer: PT MNC Investama, a leading investment company in Indonesia.

Job title: Manager in Group Corporate Finance

Why he chose GEMBA: Small class size, and the GEMBA students are seasoned professionals

Advice for future GEMBA students: If you love technology and would like to live in nice city, GEMBA at the UW Foster School of Business is the answer.

Email contact: [email protected]


Salam, Mohammad Darus2

Mohammad Darus Salam

Home town: Jakarta

Current employer: MarkPlus, Inc.

Job title: Senior Content Producer

Why he chose GEMBA: The curriculum of the GEMBA program has been designed for a one-year intensive education, and is one of the most reputable executive programs in the world. The small class size has the advantage of intensive interaction both with the professors and classmates, while also creating a vibrant class environment. The program is definitely suitable for students who enjoy vigorous academic activities and the fun experiences of living in Seattle.

Advice for future GEMBA students: Reflect on your goals. If the qualities of leadership, management and practical skills are amongst them, then the GEMBA program is for you.

Email contact: [email protected]


Pradipta, Resha

Resha Pradipta

Home town: Jakarta

Current employer: Intel Corporation Indonesia

Job title: MNC Marketing Manager

Why he chose GEMBA: University of Washington is located in Seattle which is the home for top tech companies like Microsoft, Amazon and many tech start-ups. I chose this program because I have several work experiences in tech companies, and I want to have a deeper understanding of the tech business so I can establish my own tech start-up someday.

Advice for future GEMBA students: If you’re looking for the ‘fast track’ MBA program that will give you an exceptional learning experience then this one year MBA program will be the right choice for you.

Email contact: [email protected]