Rushikesh Pawaskar shares his journey to Foster’s Master of Supply Chain Management program

It’s like that moment in the movie ‘Back to the Future’, where Doc Brown says “Your future is whatever you make, so make it a good one.” A single event can really change how we live. It’s a bit like getting caught in a time warp, where suddenly we find ourselves in a whole new world. Everything we knew

before is different, and it’s like that from now on.

As I celebrated my birthday in 2022, I took a moment to reflect on the past decade of my life, and a deep sense of appreciation washed over me. It was a decade filled with remarkable personal and professional growth. Securing a well-paying job, completing my post graduate diploma degree in marketing management marked a significant academic achievement. A supportive family, bunch of good friends and scaling up on corporate ladder from the bottom, it all looked settled. Right?

However, I felt less than my best. I needed some motivation, a moment that would extend my outlook and encourage me to level up, a relationship that would help me progress. A specialized master’s degree in Supply Chain Management was exactly the key to unlock the next step in my career, connecting my passion for logistics with the practical knowledge needed to excel in the dynamic world of supply chain management.

Shifting from my role as a Product Head to embarking on a master’s journey in supply chain management was like switching teams in a sport I have played before but I wanted structured training to improve my skills. My academic background equipped me with management theory knowledge, but it was my experience as a freelance supply chain advisor that fueled my passion for supply chain management.

My growing passion for supply chain management was driven by the fascination of optimizing global operations and enhancing sustainability. I always saw supply chains as the heartbeat of modern commerce and aim to reshape how businesses operate in our fast-paced, ever-evolving world I came to understand that to succeed in this sector, I needed more than just hands-on experience; I also required access to reputable instructors who could provide me with solid theoretical guidance for handling challenging situations.

In starting this program, I was excited to meet other people who shared my enthusiasm as well as my passion for making significant contributions to the evolving field of supply chain management. This transition isn’t just about changing lanes; it’s leveling up in the game. It promises to turbocharge my skills and expertise, equipping me to hit home runs in the ever-evolving field of supply chain management. Furthermore, it offers an outstanding chance to connect, build strong relationships, and network with my accomplished cohort, enriching this  journey with  connections and shared experiences.

The idea was followed by lot of thoughts, what about the cost? How much of value would it add? Will it work for me being jobless for a year when I am the sole bread earner of the family?

I started with the application process, followed by interviews, and then funding. Trust me, it took a lot of thinking to develop a plan.  After that, it took me a whole year to make that plan happen. Taking a break from my career at the ripe old age of 30? Well, that’s no walk in the park, let me tell you! But hey, it’s all part of the adventure, right?

This course has already significantly influenced how I will develop in the future. I’ve improved my knowledge of supply chain management and acquired useful abilities in supply chain finance and forecasting demand in the first quarter. I have found new interests in the sector, including sustainable supply chain methods, even if my original career path is still intact.

The journey from contemplation to realization has been a transformative one, filled with challenges and triumphs. I’m excited to see where this path leads and how it continues to shape my future.

From a rookie supply chain operations exec, I hustled my way up to becoming the Product Head at a top-tier shipping line in a decade. And now? I find myself pursuing a master’s in supply chain at a prestigious university. Life sure has its twists and turns. As for the Seattle climate, they say it rains a lot here, but I’ve learned to embrace the drizzle — after all, it’s just nature’s way of giving us an extra excuse to cozy up with a good book and a hot cup of coffee!

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