Moving day in Mackenzie Hall yields intriguing trash and treasures

It’s moving day in Mackenzie Hall. And everything really must go.

Mackenzie demolition is imminent, to be followed by construction of the final piece of Foster’s world-class campus, Founders Hall.

But before decamping to the beautiful Brutalism of Condon Hall (over on Campus Parkway) during the months of construction, the resident staff, faculty and doctoral students of Mackenzie made like Mari Kondo and divested themselves of workplace possessions that fall short of sparking joy—or at least long-term utility.

All of this spring clean-out has made the building’s lobby resemble the basement of “Ye Olde Curiosity Shop,” b-school wing.

Among the castoffs are bins of old textbooks (Who needs a copy of Federal Taxation 2013 Comprehensive or Multivariate Statistics: A Vector Space Approach?), rugs, fans, plaques and wall art that might categorize as an “acquired taste.” There’s a Candy Land board game. A Foster Fit puzzle. A pair of crutches and a skipper’s cap. A “Godfather” wall clock. An eternal tangle of cords.

So. Many. Binders!

Of course, a few genuine treasures have emerged from the rubble, too.

Namely, a photograph of the Foster School’s first Advisory Board, with Dean Kermit Hanson, circa 1966.

A VHS recording of a 1998 summit on success with Bill Gates and Warren Buffett before an audience of UW MBAs.

A priceless scrapbook containing photos and memories of the Foster School’s first 50 years, compiled by Ruth Grant Pearson (BBA 1925, MBA 1928), one of the school’s first woman students and faculty members.

And a “College of Business Administration” class schedule from Autumn 1950.

These ones are keepers, to take their rightful place among the Foster School archives. The rest… to the recycling center and the surplus store!

Onward, Founders Hall!

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