My Time in Taiwan

My name is Travis Paulson, and I spent a semester at NCCU in Taiwan.  My exchange to NCCU has been a great opportunity for me to enhance my education and experience many of the wonderful things Taiwan has to offer.  One thing that was essential to my success in Taiwan was the buddy system that they have in place incoming student.  The buddies that I was assigned were very helpful, knowledgeable and willing to go the extra length to make my time at NCCU special.  One example of this is that I arrived in Taiwan just a few days before my birthday.  My buddies put together a great birthday party for me; that is just one example of how they have gone the extra length to make my stay in Taiwan as good as possible.  My classes at NCCU have been challenging and rewarding at the same time.  The teachers are very passionate and knowledgeable about their subject.  They are also willing to help you in anyway they can to ensure that I succeed at NCCU.  Since NCCU is a very international school I have had the opportunity to make many international friends and develop contacts that I will be able to use in the future.  School is only part of the experience of living Taiwan; I have the chance to see, smell and taste many aspects of Taiwan culture.   Since Taiwan somewhat is centrally located in Asia, it has made a great spot to travel out on the weekend and see many other parts of Asia.  From Taiwan I have had the opportunity to visit: Hong Kong, Thailand, Cambodia, South Korea, Japan and mainland China.  Overall I think that I could not have chosen a better place to study then NCCU.  The campus is beautiful, the teachers are very knowledgeable and the students are some of the nice people you will meet in your life.