Negotiating with Employees, Vendors, and Other Business Partners

As the employees, consumers, businesses and governments manage through the immediate and medium term of the Covid-19 crisis business owners will need to re-negotiate written and unwritten contracts ranging from employee sick leave to rent payments to landlords and from payments from corporate customers to loan terms with creditors. This workshop will help business owners to hone their negotiating skills.

Elizabeth Umphress is the Evert McCabe Endowed Fellow and Associate Professor of Management. Dr. Umphress teaches Dynamics of Negotiations and Ethical Leadership to executives and MBAs at the University of Washington. She has conducted executive education programs for companies such as Microsoft, NASA, Lockheed Martin, and ExxonMobil and she specializes in teaching executives Strategic Communications and Negotiations and Ethical Leadership. Her consulting work focuses on helping employees feel empowered and more productive in the workplace. She consistently receives professor of the year awards for her teaching excellence.

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