New Year’s Resolutions

Tracy Gojdics, Director

We’ve all made them.  Some we keep and some we quickly brush aside as impulsive or overly ambitious goals that we knew we’d never keep.   Going to business school was one of my resolutions several years ago and it took a few years until it became a reality.  Just like giving up caffeine (which I don’t recommend if entering an MBA program) making the resolution and following through with getting an MBA is something that you can do if you are ready for the commitment and daily discipline that it involves.   Some resolutions are best kept if you have support, such as beginning a running program or giving up a bad habit.  Well the same goes with getting an MBA – support can make all the difference.  The TMMBA Program provides student  services to support students as they reach their goal of earning an MBA:  registration, meals on class days, career resources, books and materials and more.   We’ve heard from students time and time again that the support we provide has been key to getting through the program.   For many of these students an MBA was their New Year’s resolution.  We are thrilled to support them in achieving it!

Happy New Year!

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