#OneFoster Event Recap

On September 28th, I participated in the #OneFoster Scavenger Hunt, an event organized by the Evening MBAA to bring together students from every year under the theme of unity. I was teamed up with fellow 2017, Michael, two 2016s, Cara and Taka, and 2015s, Lisa and Aaron. We called ourselves the OneFosterSix, and together we ran around campus collecting photos of ourselves in front of UW landmarks.

OneFosterSix team flexes their muscles at the IMA

OneFosterSix team flexes their muscles at the IMA

In just over an hour and a half, we went from Paccar Hall to the IMA and Husky Stadium, then strolled through U District before finally heading back to campus. Between picking up items, we chatted about our backgrounds, studies, and goals for the future. We also laughed a lot! By the end, we were exhausted (at least I was!), so we turned in our scavenger list and ate delicious tacos while the scores were being tallied.

In the end, we didn’t win the scavenger hunt – that honor went to the awesome team dressed as inmates, with best dressed going to the Foster Ninjas – but I wouldn’t say we lost either. I got to know my classmate a little better, and I made four new friends along the way. The MBAA did a great job of organizing such an intricate event, and I’m so happy they did. Between getting accustomed to being back in school and juggling work, I haven’t had many opportunities to meet students in other classes. This event helped start the process, and it made me even prouder to be a part of Foster!

These six teammates made up the OneFosterSix

OneFosterSix makes a human pyramid on the Quad

– by Nick Pernisco

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