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Marilyn, my life partner, and I like to go on road trips and we like finding interesting roads, old town sites, historical sites, and such. Two years ago we took a 6000 mile trip around a large part of the US, and I started a personal blog, “Travelers-Traces”, to record our impressions. If I did this right, here’s a picture of Chimney Rock in Nebraska, on the Oregon Trail route.


The main site is here:

And if you are interested, you might want to start with my first post: Preamble: Natchez Mississippi

And work backwards to the most current. I have not had time nor been motivated enough to continue, yet, but working on this one may get me in the mode of continuing where I left off. Last year we took a trip to the Canadian ghost town of Barkerville, which is run as a tourist destination during the summer. Later, and again this year, we took trips into Eastern Washington and Oregon and I have a lot to share. Again, if interested, set up an RSS notification thingy and when I post new stuff to Travelers-Traces, you will be notified.

I also have a set of missives I wrote back in 1999 when we did a Europe Through the Backdoor Tour — at least I hope I can find them. When I do, I’ll add them to Travelers Traces.

Other things I plan to add someday:

  • Trip from Michigan to California in 1971 on a Kawasaki 250
  • Trip from Washington to Michigan and back via US 2 and US 30 (mostly) in our brand new 10th Anniversary Special Miata
  • Trip from here to Moab Utah to attend a Miata gathering (over 200 other Miatas from all over NA attended)

I have not used many different blogging applications. Just the internal Boeing blog, Google’s blogging, and this. If any of you have experience with others, or tips or tricks for doing a good job of blogging, please let me know. I would like to be interesting and informative and not bore you all to tears.



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