Professor Dinners

There is a tradition at Foster in which classmates volunteer to host a dinner for a core professor and several other classmates during the summer months. This past Saturday, Stacie did the honors of cooking for Professor Mark Hillier (quantitative methods) and company in her 15th floor downtown apartment with a view. It was a gorgeous day, so the balcony was well-used by the party as we all enjoyed the Seattle summer sun. For dinner, her fiancé grilled a whole salmon, and served it with salad and sweet potatoes. The entire main course presentation was amazing and tasted delicious! Conversation was easy as we discussed academics, summer plans, enormous spiders, and food, seamlessly moving from topic to topic. Dessert was individual cheesecakes from The Confectional. Judging by the radiating smiles and grunts of food happiness they were exceptionally tasty. All in all it was a delightful evening of good food and good company. I am glad Foster has this tradition as it enables interaction with professors outside of the world of academia. I look forward to attending more of these dinners!