Q&A with Kenny Kim, MS in Taxation alumnus

Kenny KimKenny Kim, tax consultant at Deloitte, shares his experiences in the UW Foster School’s Master of Science in Taxation. He graduated from the program in 2014.

What advice would you give a student choosing between several tax programs?
For me, there are a few factors that are most important to consider: faculty, offerings/specializations, and relationships with potential employers. It’s also beneficial for students who are looking for jobs to reach out to employees or recruiters at firms they are considering. This will help them identify schools that work closely with the particular recruiting team at those firms. UW has relationships with over a dozen accounting firms in the area, including all of the Big Four firms and Moss Adams.

How would your life be different had you not gotten your masters in tax at UW?
My life would be a lot different. I was living abroad in Korea for a few years before starting the MS Taxation program. In addition to technical knowledge, it really gave me an opportunity to make connections and transition back into the job market in the U.S.

Tell us about your study group. How did your study group affect your experience in the MS Taxation program?
My study group was made up of students sitting near each other in the beginning of the quarter. We had various levels of knowledge on the different subjects, which was good. I think the dynamic of the group worked well and it gave different people the opportunity to practice explaining concepts to others depending on the particular subject.

What class has been the most useful in your career so far?
The communication classes in MS Taxation were the most impactful for me. Since they are tailored toward communicating tax-related concepts specifically, they are really applicable to a big part of my job now. Expressing complex concepts in a concise and clear manner is very important.

What are your impressions of the faculty?
The faculty were knowledgeable and good at soliciting participation from students. It was a good way to help students retain and process information. I also feel that the faculty were receptive to student feedback, which is important.

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