Q&A with Linda Lin, MS in Taxation alumna

Linda Lin, International Tax Planning Director at ‎Starbucks Coffee Company, shares her experiences in the UW Foster School’s tax program. She graduated from the program in 2002.

Why did you choose UW’s Tax program?

UW’s Tax program is one of the most reputable and competitive public tax programs in the nation.  I particularly appreciate its solid relationship with business and industry, especially in Pacific Northwest, providing students with great opportunities to network.  The Tax program also serves as a main recruitment site for major accounting firms.  Many tax professionals in public accounting firms and in the industry in this region are alumni and/or instructors of the UW’s Tax program.

I also appreciate the classroom experience.  Having regular face-to-face communication and social interaction with instructors and classmates is important in building and expanding my professional relationship for the future.  My classmates and I regularly exchange career tips and opportunities for years after graduation.

How has the Tax program impacted your career?

UW’s Tax program has a significant impact on my career.  It provides thorough and current knowledge of tax concepts and helps me develop research skills, both are critical in establishing solid foundation and promoting further development of analytic and communication skills.  With what I learned from the program, I was able to land my first tax job at Deloitte, which eventually led to my current position at Starbucks.  I am deeply grateful for what the program has done for me.

What class has been the most useful in your career so far?

In my current position, I focus mostly on international tax planning within corporate income tax arena.  Thus, corporate income tax, international tax and tax research courses are most useful to me.  That said, all other courses contribute indirectly to my current job.  I strongly encourage students to learn as much as they can.  All efforts are worthy, and all knowledge will be useful in the future one way or the other.

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