Registration and Rundown: 19th Annual Celebration of African-American Alumni Achievement

We hope you’ll join us on Remo for the 19th Annual Celebration of African-American Achievement on February 24, 2021, 6–8 p.m., a special event for Foster students, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends to connect and to celebrate our Black community.

This event will offer opportunities to learn about the work that we are doing to make the Foster School more diverse, equitable, and inclusive, to celebrate the achievements of our current students and alumni, and to honor this year’s Spratlen Legacy Award winner, Michelle Purnell Hepburn.


To register for the digital event, please visit this link.


Our event will be held on Remo, a digital virtual event platform. We have found it a great tool to network, allowing you to visit whomever you want within the Remo digital space. 

Once you enter the Remo space, you’ll see a reception floor plan (see below) with labeled tables.  You’ll be able to hover over people’s icons to see who is at which table. To join a table, please double-click an empty seat and you will be added to that group (there’s a max of 6 people per table).

Make sure to turn on your camera and microphone to participate in the conversation — the settings are along the bottom of page!

Watch this quick video from Remo on how to use the platform as an attendee:

Some notes on using Remo:

  • Remo recommends using the Chrome browser for optimal success.  Second to Chrome is Firefox.
  • If you have audio or video issues, please reload/refresh the page or, if that doesn’t work, exit entirely and log back into the event. 
  • In the top right corner, you will see a circle icon. If you have already completed your profile, you will see your photo, if not, it will be your initial. Click on the circle and edit your profile so that you can be recognized and found in the sea of little circles with letters. To help with networking, please use your full name and your affiliation with the Foster School:
    • Full Name (MBA Class of ‘12) or Full Name (BA Alum Class of ‘19) or Full Name (Foster Staff)
  • At the bottom of the floor plan you’ll see your toolbar with camera and microphone icons. In order to join a conversation, you must have your camera and microphone turned on.  
  • Throughout the event, there will be a few times when we have some programming. When this happens, the reception floor will disappear and you’ll only see the speakers. When we finish with the program, we’ll return back to the networking happy hour.
  • If you have questions or technical issues during the event, please go to the table labeled “Tech Support” and someone will be there to assist you!


6–6:15 p.m. Enter Remo event space with time for mingling and visiting conversation tables
6:15–6:30 p.m. Welcome to the event presentation with remarks from students and Dean Frank Hodge
6:30–7:10 p.m. Networking and Visiting Conversation Tables on Floors 1 & 2
7:10–7:25 p.m. Presentation of Spratlen Legacy Award 
7:25–7:45 p.m. Networking and Celebrating our Community on Floors 2 & 5
7:45 p.m. Thank You from Event Hosts
8 p.m. Event Close


During the event, you’ll have the opportunity to visit several hosted tables. Remember, there is a maximum of 6 individuals at each table, so we encourage you to visit several tables throughout the event! You can change floors by clicking on the menu bar on the bottom left of the screen.

Tables will be named after conversational topics that will allow you to connect with your community and learn more about what we are doing at the Foster School. A timer will go off every 10 minutes to remind you to bounce around from table to table to connect with other people! 

Floor 1 | 6–7:10 p.m. 

  • Faculty Recruiting Efforts, hosted by Christina Fong, Associate Dean for Inclusion and Diversity
  • Undergraduate Program Update, hosted by Andy Marzano, Associate Director for Undergraduate Diversity Services
  • CBDC, hosted by Michael Verchot, Director of the Consulting and Business Development Center
  • DEI in the Classroom, hosted by Dan Turner, Associate Dean of Masters Programs
  • “How can alumni get involved?” Hosted by Andrew Krueger, Senior Director of Alumni & Media Engagement
  • Amazon Sponsored Table
  • EY Sponsored Table
  • UWAA Sponsored Table
  • Masters Program Updates: Hosted by Melissa Uyesugi, Associate Director for Masters Diversity Programs
  • Conversations with the Dean: Hosted by Dean Frank Hodge
  • Meet Lewis Rudd, owner of Ezell’s Chicken
  • Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship 
  • Tech Support: Visit this table if you are having technical issues

Floor 2 | Open all evening 

  • MLT Meet Up
  • Consortium Meet up
  • MBA students meet up
  • YEOC Meet up
  • 1970s alums
  • 1980s alums
  • 1990s alums
  • 00s Alums
  • 10s alums
  • 1:1 Conversations

Floor 5 (The Rooftop) | Open 7:10–8 p.m. 

  • Poetry
  • Singing
  • Black History Kahoot
  • Open Mic
  • Learn about Abolition
  • Let’s talk politics
  • Dance Party
  • Quiet Table
  • “How can we support our local communities?”
  • Let’s talk entertainment
  • Black Entrepreneurship


ABBS was founded on a mission to recruit, assist, organize and promote the interests and success of Black students at Foster. Support their work with a donation to the ABBS Scholarship Fund.


The Foster School has established a strategic priority of incorporating an inclusion, equity, and diversity focus into every decision we make. In the last few months, we have taken some important steps towards this priority, described here, but there is still much work to be done. Help us hone our vision by taking the Foster Alumni of Color DEI Survey


Thank you to our Gold Sponsors for their generous support
of the ABBS Scholarship in recognition of this event:

Amazon | EY | UW Alumni Association

Thank you to our Purple Sponsors:


Thank you to community and company sponsors
for supporting our students and promoting Black excellence
at the Foster School of Business:

Eli Lilly | Ezell’s Chicken | The Intentionalist

Undergraduate Diversity Services | Consulting and Business Development Center 

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