Return on investment–Global Executive MBA

Program Sponsor – Seung-Yu Kim
Seung-Yu Kim “We have sponsored some of our talented managers for MBA programs as a way of sharpening their expertise in the financial industry and at the same time enhancing their academic backgrounds. Meanwhile, I discovered that some MBA programs fail to provide practical business insights, but the Global Executive MBA program in Seattle, Washington was clearly distinguished from others.With its diversity of candidates from emerging economies in Asia, the program greatly contributed to forming a global view and strong worldwide network. Further, the graduates in our group still remember the program with its strength in finance accompanied by in-depth discussion and analysis. When they came back, their efforts paid off. Two of the graduates are now serving as heads of a financial planning department, both in a financial holding company of which Hana Bank is the group’s main subsidiary.

MBA programs are now common. What matters is whether they are helpful in real-life business and making differences. As a supporter of the Global Executive MBA program in Washington, I was very happy with what they offered to our employees. I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere appreciation to the faculty of the University of Washington.”

Seung-Yu Kim
Chairman and CEO
Hana Financial Group

Program Alumnus – Jae In (Johnny) Yoon
J. Yoon “Ten years ago, with my company’s support, I made a life-changing decision to go back to school to get my MBA. During that period, I was working hard, but felt that I needed further education to make meaningful impact for my company. Because I have been in international sales for 15 years, I wanted to experience a global education. Fortunately, the CEO of LS Cable had proposed and recommended me to join the Global Executive MBA program at the University of Washington in Seattle.This was a unique opportunity for me. Not only did GEMBA allow me to develop my skills in business administration, the experience of living and studying in the United States for 12 months really broadened my perspectives and improved my English proficiency.

The University of Washington’s Global Executive MBA program served as a very useful tool for me to satisfy my intellectual desires. The program brought together systematic and academic MBA curriculum, many competent professors and professional staff, and the most supportive learning environment. I had an opportunity to experience new trends and information what the top managements should have and know for their effective management.

After graduating and receiving my MBA diploma in 2002, I returned to the same company, the division of global sales and marketing where I was able to apply the knowledge through numerous case studies that I had learned in the GEMBA program. Through these successful applications, I was promoted as an executive.  My experience at UW was invaluable to prepare me to take on greater responsibilities in my organization. In addition to the academic rigor that focused on relevance and application, GEMBA also gave me the confidence and tools to communicate my thoughts more effectively with others.

Needless to say, the time my family and I spent at the University of Washington Foster School of Business was very memorable moment in our lives. I strongly recommend to my junior colleagues and fellows to join UW Foster’s Global Executive MBA program. If I have the authority, I will regularly send people to this program.”

Jae In (Johnny) Yoon, GEMBA 2002
Senior Vice President – Sales Division
Energy Cable & System Business Group
LS Cable Ltd.

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