Seattle Growth Podcast 6.1: Finding community in a dynamic city

How do you find community in a city as dynamic as Seattle?

Newcomers look for ways to connect to people and organizations. Longtime residents try to adjust to a city that looks and feels different than it did even five years ago.

Season six of the Seattle Growth Podcast will bring diverse perspectives on how to build and maintain a sense of community and belonging in Seattle.

“This season will feature perspectives on community from tech, music, visual arts, comedy and a variety of other corners of Seattle,” says podcast producer and host Jeff Shulman, the Marion B. Ingersoll Professor of Marketing at the UW Foster School of Business. “If you are looking for an existing community that is right for you, the podcast might help you discover it. If you are looking to build a new community, you’ll learn valuable lessons about how to start, nurture and grow a thriving community.”

Red Russak and Brett Greene

Episode one of the Seattle Growth Podcast, season six, features a sometimes surprising conversation with Red Russak and Brett Greene, founders of New Tech Northwest, the fastest growing meetup in history. New Tech Northwest is a network of more than 42,000 people across the region who are passionate about innovation, startups, accelerators and tech-driven companies.

Jane Richlovsky

Also, artist Jane Richlovsky shares a fascinating story that upends the traditional narrative about economic growth and its impact on the “starving artist.” Richlovsky is a painter, educator, cultural space advocate and accidental developer who founded ’57 Biscayne studios and a co-founded Good Arts LLC, a pioneering artist/developer real estate venture.

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On June 9, the Foster School of Business and LANGSTON Seattle co-host the red carpet premiere of On the Brink, Shulman’s acclaimed documentary exploring history, hope and determination in Seattle’s vanishing Central District. Tickets for this gala event at the Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute are available at

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