This past weekend I attended a one day overnight trip to Seville (North of Granada) with my program. The city was over run with flowers that filled the air with the most amazing smells. We were fortunate the weather was absolutely perfect eliz1.JPGbecause most of the things to do in Seville were outside. I quickly came to the conclusion, that if I had to pick another city to study in it would definitely be Seville.

The first day we had a small bus tour of the city and went to Alcazar and Plaza de España. The Plaza de España is a modern semi-circular building centered around a beautiful fountain. There is a tiled alcove for each province of Spain. The Alcazar is kind of like the Alhambra here in Granada, there are gardens that seem to go on forever. It made me excited to see the eliz2.JPGAlhambra when all the plants are in full bloom. The architecture and history surrounding it is very interesting and our guide really held our attention.

The second day we started with a tour of Real Maestranza, the plaza del toros. It is the oldest bull-fighting ring in Spain. We discuss the traditions of bullfighting in my culture class a lot, so it was interesting to finally see a ring, especially such an important one. It was a beautiful day out so after our tour we had lunch on the river.

We spent the rest of the day wondering the streets. We saw the cathedral and the Girlada, both very intricate buildings, I could have looked at them for hours. We had to catch the bus at 5 to get home, we were all exhausted from walking the entire day so it was perfect timing. Hopefully I will get to go back to Seville, it’s a truly beautiful city, and I have so much more to explore.