UW Athletics and the Foster School of Business Announce the Sports Business for Life Badge

University of Washington Athletics and the Foster School of Business are excited to announce the Sports Business for Life Badge, an enhanced digital Foster Business for Life Badge specifically for UW students interested in careers in athletics. The badge offers a series of courses dedicated to educating students in key areas of sports business and marketing. 

Earlier this year, UW Athletics and the Foster School of Business announced a for-credit course — one of the first of its kind —  dedicated to educating students on key Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) topics such as personal brand development and strategy, business and entrepreneurship, and opportunity evaluation. The goal of this course is not only to allow student-athletes to successfully navigate NIL, but also to provide broader business education to any student interested in a sports or sports-adjacent career. 

Digital badges are verifiable micro-credentials that can be displayed on social media such as LinkedIn and used in digital portfolios and resumes.

This course, paired with other relevant business courses in the badge program, provides a thorough introduction and education to the key areas of sports business and marketing. 

To earn the Foster School Business for Life badge, students need to take FIN 205 or ACCTG 219, plus two of any additional Business Minor core courses (MGMT 305, MKTG 305, or IS 305).

Completion of the Sports Business badge includes the following courses:

  1. Foster/ICA Sports Business Course: Personal Branding and NIL (4 CR)
  2. Business For Life Badge Component:
  1. One of the following:
  • FIN 205: Personal Financial Literacy (4 CR) 
  • ACCTG 219: Essentials of Accounting (4 CR)
  1. Two of the following:
  • MGMT 305: Essentials of Management and Entrepreneurship (5 CR)
  • MKTG 305: Essentials of Marketing and Sales (5 CR)
  • IS 305: Essentials of Business Finance and Information Systems (5 CR)

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