Spring Break

Just returned form a two week Spring Break. I was so luck to be able to visit 5 cities in such a short amount of time. First I was off to London for three days. I chose to see Les Miserables and Wicked while there and I am so glad, they were wonderful productions. The second day I was there I walked through the whole city and did some major site seeing but didn’t have much time to go into any of the more popular sites or museums. I did however get to see the Tate Modern. I did a quick walk through; wish I could have stayed longer because it was very impressive. The next day we went to an Arsenal Game at night. The energy of the passionate fans was indescribable. I wish soccer was as popular in the states as it is in Europe; in my opinion it’s as fun to watch as college football.

eliz.JPGThe next day we took off for Dublin just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. Though it’s a religious holiday in Ireland there was quite the festival in Dublin. We were lucky enough to have a hotel on the route of the parade so we watched it from the roof. It was a beautiful day, definitely a St. Patrick’s day I will never forget. We spent the next day meeting up with friends from Dublin and exploring the city. For our final full day we took the train down the coast and saw some beautiful towns along the water. It was great to get a change of pace and see the countryside after having been in cities for so long.

From Dublin we were off to Paris. We were very lucky to find an apartment for only 100 euros a night right in the heart of a great neighborhood, this meant we could save money on food by cooking. I definitely recommend this it truly made me enjoy the city more than if I had to eat out all the time. Of course in Paris we saw all the main sights. We were fortunate to have visited the museums on rainy days. The Louvre was so packed I don’t think I have ever seen such long lines in my life. The Centre Pompidou is a modern art museum, I have been to quite a few and this is eliz-1.JPGmy favorite by far. Plan on spending at least a day there.  We were in Paris for Easter and spent mass at Note Dame. We got there early and were lucky enough to get seats. The day we went to the Eiffel tower it was beautiful and sunny but the lines again surprised me good thing we got there an hour early to beat the crowds. When we headed to Sante-Chapelle the light was shining through the stained glass lighting up the whole room, it made for beautiful pictures. The Musee d’Orsay is also somewhere I would recommend to visit. There were many famous paintings by Van Gough, Renoir, Monet and Gaudi. Paris is one of my favorite cities so far. The ambiance is unforgettable.

Next, we were off to the Canary Islands for some R & R. The sun was so warm, a huge contrast to the past three cities we had visited. We were a little young to be in the city we stayed in but we made the best of it. There were great beaches and nightlife. It felt good to not have to worry too much about sightseeing for a few days.

Our last city was Madrid. Truly, we had one day to see it and did a pretty good job of exploring. We went to Puerta del Sol (the center of Spain), the Palacio Real, Plaza Mayor, Catedral de Almudena, Palacio de Buenavista and many other smaller sights along the way. I have been to Madrid before and seen the museums but not all of the sights so this was the perfect trip for me. The parks in Madrid are so beautiful. We spent a couple of hours in Parque del Buen Retiro. It is huge and has a small pond with rowboats. We were also able to lie on the grass; which is rare in Spain. I wish that Seattle had more parks like Madrid’s.

Spring break ended in Madrid and I caught the bus home early to study for my Midterms this week. I am glad I studied for them before I left because it was nice to just forget about school for a little while.

For a little laugh:
I have done my laundry here about once a week or once every two weeks and there hasn’t been a time when it hasn’t rained.  I have been gone for two weeks in and it hadn’t rained in Granada for a week before that. In fact, it was about 70 degrees today. I got home today and did three loads of laundry (which with out a dryer need to be hung outside to dry) and this evening there was a complete downpour. Coincidence? Could be, but either way all my clothes are sopping wet AGAIN!