Student Spotlight: Caitlin Casas ’17

Caitlin Casas, Evening MBA Class of 2017

Caitlin Casas, Evening MBA Class of 2017

Name: Caitlin Casas
Age: 25
Graduation Year: 2016
Profession: Advertising 

What has been your most valuable academic experience at Foster?: My classmates and teammates have contributed significantly to my academic experience at Foster. Questions and discussions presented in class continuously focus on “real world” applications of the course subject matter, which helps translate how we can use the skills we’re developing in class while on the job. My teammates have also been extremely supportive over the last three quarters. We are all willing to spend more time on projects and assignments together to ensure we all understand the concepts, and make a point to not move on until we are all comfortable with the subject matter.

How are you involved with Foster outside of the classroom?(i.e. Clubs, Groups, Programs, Activities, Committees): In my first year I haven’t been extremely involved outside of class, but I do try to attend happy hours on Wednesdays and larger events like the C4C Gala. I plan to become more involved in my second year now that I feel I have adjusted to the work-school-life balance.

What lead you to pursue an MBA?: Job security, upward mobility within my career path, increased marketing knowledge and skills (particularly in the area of quantitative analysis), and networking.

What is the most valuable lesson you have learned at Foster?: Focus on gaining knowledge, not just getting good grades. I’m dedicating a lot of resources to this program and if all I finish the program with is a 3.6+, not a sustained knowledge of the course material, then I did myself a disservice by not utilizing the resources available to me to increase my skills and knowledge.

Plans for summer break?: I plan to enjoy all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer during the summer and spend more time with friends and family.


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