Study Abroad in Barcelona

Guest Post By: Theo Manu, a Senior studying Finance and Information Systems. He is a Global Business Center Study Abroad Scholarship Recipient, and he studied abroad through ALBA Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain, during Autumn Quarter 2023.

Studying abroad in Spain was an immersive experience that seamlessly intertwined academics, culture, and adventure. With core academic classes Monday – Thursday, excursions on Fridays, and the weekends for our own adventures, my study abroad experience was full of memories that I will cherish for years to come.

The classes at Alba offer an interesting change of pace in comparison to classes at the UW. Differences in lecturing and expectations for projects were challenging yet rewarding. It was great to get a different perspective on how education is done in other countries. The professors were knowledgeable, understanding, and always went out of their way to help answer questions and assist where they could.

Beyond the classroom is where I believe the program truly shines. Aside from our regular schedule, ALBA offers complementary cooking classes and group excursions. The cooking classes teach you how to make traditional Spanish dishes including seafood paella, tapas, Spanish omelet, and many more. The excursions take you to some of the coolest spots around Barcelona (personally I think that Costa Brava was to most interesting) with experienced guides from Spanish Trails. This allows you to further explore the beauty and culture within Spain and connect with your environment.

Overall, my quarter abroad was an adventure. Between the food I tasted, the things I saw, and the people I met, this was certainly one of the most memorable quarters I’ve had. I would highly recommend a study abroad experience to anyone even remotely interested in it. It’s something that I’ll always be glad I tried and has allowed me to discover new parts of the world and myself.