The post about perpetuity

Lucas Perin, TMMBA Student

The TMMBA is starting to pay off for me.

It all started during a Finance class. We were doing a valuation exercise that required us to understand the concept of “perpetuity”. Next day, at work, I was in a meeting with some executives that were doing a “back of the envelope” valuation calculation. One of them suggested that they should add “that thing that relates to the going concern… eternuity? longevity?”.

“Perpetuity?”, I volunteered.

“Yeah! That thing. Do you know how to do it?”

I did. After that, I’ve done a few valuations and just ended up moving from Marketing to Finance. Which ended up being a good thing, given that my final grade on Finance is 4.0 and I’d be lucky to get a 3.2 on Marketing.

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