The Tauschie Culture in WHU

By: Devin Kim, Foster Undergraduate

“Tauschie” refers to all of the exchange students in WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management. Tauschies account for a huge part in the community since the number of students in WHU itself is very small. This year there has been more than 140 Tauschies, which is almost as big as the freshmen class. Since the community is so small, there are many get-together events and here are two of them that I wish to introduce in the following paragraphs.

First of all, there could be nothing more international as the “Tauschie Tuesdays”. It’s a weekly event, in which students representing their country become the host to serve others with their representative food and welcome them with its unique atmosphere. Below is a photo taken at the Regional Tour to Boppard, which was an event created for the Tauschies by the International Relations Office here at WHU.

There’s also an event called the “Vallendar interaction event”, in which the local people get to meet the Tauschies and exchange each other’s culture. At the first event, the concept was Bavaria, since the Oktoberfest was approaching, and traditional instruments of Bavaria were played and folklores were sung. At the last event, the Tauschies had the chance to express themselves and their culture, and also display their talents in front for the audience.

The events held in WHU create a cohesive bond between you and other Tauschies, as well as the local students and inhabitants because the school itself is so small and provides people living in Vallendar a lot of opportunities to interact. It’s something you cannot really experience in large schools like the UW. The Tauschie Culture is definitely something you don’t want to miss out here, while you are here in Vallendar.