TMMBA 15 years of developing technology leaders and innovators

In 2001, the UW Foster School of Business launched a new type of MBA: the Technology Management MBA (TMMBA) Program. This new program was designed with the technology-enthusiast in mind. It made perfect sense considering the business climate at the time.  It was the peak of the boom, and the Puget Sound Region was a fiery storm of startups and tech companies.  It was around this time that several business schools across the nation launched technology-oriented MBA programs.

Flash forward several months and we all know how the story ended – thousands of technology jobs went away, a multitude of companies closed their doors and many companies downsized.  Not too long after this, the majority of the MBA programs created to capitalize on the technology boom went away as well.  Some programs remained.

Here we are 15 years later and the tech and start up sector is stronger than ever. And, the UW TMMBA Program is stronger than ever with over 1,200 students and alumni!  As with any ‘product’ the TMMBA Program has evolved over the past 15 years with a vision to consistently offer and provide an exceptional academic and leadership development experience.

Tracy Gojdics, Program Director & alumna

Tracy Gojdics, TMMBA Program Director & alumna

As the Director of the TMMBA Program and an alumna, I am a firm believer that the TMMBA Program is only as strong as those connected to it and this feeds directly into our admissions philosophy.  Class sizes have varied throughout the years, but one thing has remained the same and that is our commitment to admit the very best candidates.  I always tell the team that there is an MBA Program for everyone and TMMBA might not be it and that is okay.  Quality across the board is pivotal to success and that includes who is in the program.  After all, students become alums and therefore are ambassadors of the TMMBA Program and Foster – the #1 business school in the Northwest.

As we celebrate the TMMBA Program’s 15th Anniversary, it is a great time to share 15 highlights.  Here they are:

15 TMMBA Highlights

Class of '02 all

TMMBA Class of 2002

TMMBA Class of 2017

TMMBA Class of 2017







1. The TMMBA Program is the only program in the Foster School to make all of the lectures available online via video and podcast.

2. The TMMBA Program is proud to offer a Mentoring Program whereby students are matched with an alumni mentor for the second half of the program.

3. The TMMBA Program dedicates 20% of the curriculum toward entrepreneurship.

4. The TMMBA Program provides personalized career coaching and opportunities to network with and visit with companies.

5. The TMMBA Program offers a variety of ways that students and alumni can network.

6. The TMMBA Program has an annual golf tournament for alumni and students.

7. The TMMBA Program has some of the highest rated faculty in the Foster School as part of the teaching roster.

8. The TMMBA Program hosts the Tech @ the Top Speaker Series featuring technology leaders from startups to well-known multi-national companies.

9. The TMMBA Program offers an International Study Tour during the second year of the program that has taken over 200 students around the world.

10. TMMBA students are the most highly-represented in the annual Foster Business Plan Competition.

11. The TMMBA Program is the only UW Foster Program to be offered on the Eastside.

12. The TMMBA Program offers continuing education to all alums as part of our commitment to continuous learning.

13. The TMMBA Program created a second section in 2006 due to demand.

14. The TMMBA Program promotes an annual food drive that has resulted in thousands of pounds of non-perishable food items being donated to Food Lifeline.

15. The TMMBA Program has the best and brightest in its community. Of course I am biased.

Happy 15th Anniversary TMMBA! I’m honored to be the Director and an alumna.

Thank you for reading!

Want to learn more about these 15 highlights? I’d love to share more! Feel free to call me or email me. I’d also be happy to meet you for coffee or lunch.
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