TMMBA launches Career Development Program

The business environment is always changing with company reorgs, mergers, and strategic shifts, causing people to face career transition. Additionally, as students in the TMMBA Program broaden their knowledge of business they frequently desire a new career direction.

Many students take time during or after the program to explore and possibly change directions.  Each student’s path is different so a wide continuum of time and effort exists in evaluating this career change.  Some gravitate toward a particular class subject and then supplement it with practical experience or exposure, evaluate their transferable skills, and conduct a job search.  For others, the process requires greater introspection, soul searching, and analysis before making a decision. Some students plan for an incremental transition, such as a lateral move or the next step in their current company, while others make a more significant move or seek to start their own venture. The constant element across all paths is a desire for personal and career growth.

The TMMBA Career Development Program (CDP) provides students with a step-by-step foundation to explore and evaluate what they want to do with their MBA and tools and strategies to help them get there.  Our goal is to provide sufficient granularity and resources for a thoughtful approach to this process.  The program also provides tools to identify opportunities and secure a great fit position, one that interests the student and prolongs or produces a vital and satisfying career.

The program is divided into six modules:

Module #1 Evaluate Self and Explore Careers
Module #2 Create Career Communications
Module #3 Increase Your Contacts and Successfully  & Network/Build Professional Relationships
Module #4 Research and Target Next Position
Module #5 Ace the Interviews
Module #6 Negotiate an Offer

The CDP offers a powerful combination of resources, events, and unique opportunities that will set TMMBA students apart from the crowd and help cement a solid foundation for their career transformation. We look forward to the progress to come!

Event sneak peek: On Tuesday, August 2, CDP students will participate in an interactive LinkedIn Workshop, presented by subject matter expert, Cindy Pain from Lee Hecht Harrison. Students will learn how to improve their personal brand as well as how to maximize LinkedIn for job search. This is just one example of the many unique opportunities available to CDP participants.

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