Trade Committee

guadalajara-872.jpgThis morning the American Chamber held their monthly trade committee meeting in Hotel Hilton. Since I work in the trade department, I helped put the event on. This month’s topic was JALTRADE and external commerce. Basically, since we are preparing for the trade mission in late September, the meeting served more as a manner to gain interest for companies who would like to be a part of the trade mission in Portland and Seattle. We had a speaker from JALTRADE (a company here) present while other executives sat around tables and were served breakfast.

guadalajara-824.jpgThis weekend, my friend from Morelia will be visiting me. We have some plans to go see a nearby town called Tequila. Yes, it also happens to be the same town famous for all the tequila companies and agave plants. I hear it’s very pretty. On Wednesday, I went with my boss and her roommate to see the movie Batman. It was in English with Spanish subtitles. Even though the screen was a bit smaller than what we are accustomed to in the U.S (and tickets much cheaper), the movie was nevertheless amazing.

For the time being, I am convincing my dad to come visit me while I am still here. otH