Travelling Throughout Australia

Guest Post By: Accounting Senior Jonah Kingery. He is a Global Business Center Study Abroad Scholarship Recipient who is currently on Foster Exchange at the University of Sydney in Australia for Fall Semester 2018.

One of my goals coming to the University of Sydney was not to simply stay in the area, but to explore the outdoors as much as I could. Luckily, I met some friends with similar interests early into my trip. Public transportation is pretty easy around Sydney, and on Sundays, the max fare is $2.70 so we would go for our farther hikes then. At least once a week, I would travel to events going on around the city, go to the beach, and most of all, find new hikes to go on.

These are a few pictures of the hikes we went on. The Royal National Park is a beautiful landmark on the coast of Sydney, and has a natural pool that my friend and I are enjoying in one of the pics. We also headed North and South on one hour or longer trains to get to our other hikes. The picture of a group of us on a cliff is at the Blue Mountains, possibly the most famous attraction near Sydney. Places like that also had a rich cultural heritage that we were able to learn about.

One of the classes I took at the University of Sydney was EDUH4052, which had to do with relating the outdoors to Australian culture. I would highly recommend taking this class, as I met a lot of great people and went on some amazing field trips. This was a great way to get to learn some landmarks that I would not have otherwise known. When I look back on my trip to Australia, I think I will remember these outdoor adventures as the highlight of my experience. It has even motivated to get outside more at home.

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