Weekend Getaways: Exploring Europe from Milan

Guest Post By: Angela Li, a Junior. She studied abroad through Foster Exchange at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy, during Autumn Semester 2023.

Milan’s position in the heart of Europe is a study-abroad gem that opens up incredible opportunities for weekend getaways. Whether you’re planning a short day trip or a more extended adventure, Milan’s central location makes it easy to explore fascinating nearby cities and regions.

Let’s talk about some of the accessible day trips first. You’ve got Varenna, Venice, Como, Bergamo, Lugano, Genoa, and more. Plus, if your class schedule gives you Fridays off, you can venture even farther. What’s great is that travel here is budget-friendly. Train tickets are surprisingly economical, ranging from just 5 to 20 euros, while plane tickets, depending on the time and destination, can be found between 30 and 150 euros.

Getting started on your day trip is a breeze. Just grab a ticket from Trenord or Trenitalia and hop on a train from Milano Centrale. But here’s a helpful tip for Lugano – don’t forget to bring your passport since it’s technically a hop into Switzerland, adding an extra layer to your travel experiences.

As you explore these beautiful destinations, consider exploring local bookstores and antique shops, where you can unearth some hidden treasures and unique souvenirs. For me, one of my cherished mementos is a watercolor painting I picked up from a street vendor in Venice. I’ve also started a collection of vintage rings to remember the places I’ve visited. So far, I’ve checked off Varenna, Venice, Lugano, London, Barcelona, and Budapest.

These weekend getaways not only offer a glimpse into diverse cultures and landscapes but also provide a unique perspective on your study abroad journey. Get ready to enjoy Europe’s charm while you make the most of your time in Milan.