What I didn’t know about the UW Libraries

Sara Jones, TMMBA Class of 2012 & Assistant Director

Last Saturday a Foster librarian came over to TMMBA to give a quick lunchtime presentation about the Foster Business Library.  As a TMMBA staff member, I felt like I had a good understanding of the resources available. They have an amazing list of research databases, meeting rooms for students, access to computers, and librarians available to help with research. I still went to the presentation though because I had struggled summer quarter with a macroeconomics research project and wanted to find out what I could have done differently.  They didn’t have a perfect solution, but I learned that they could have helped point me in the right direction for credible sources of data.

What I was really excited to learn about though were two resources that I didn’t know the libraries offered:

MP3s of articles
Don’t have time to read the most recent issue of Harvard Business Review? Looking for something to listen to while you’re on the go? Many of their articles are available as MP3s that you can download. I’ll definitely be trying this out on my commute.

Digital scans of hard copy materials
There are a lot of resources that are available in hard copy only. With our classes located in Kirkland this can be difficult to find time to go and get them.  I was excited to learn that they will scan and email articles that they have in hard copy format.  Awesome!

You can check out these and other resources at the Foster Business Library.

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