What to See in Prague

By Elizabeth Snow, Foster Undergraduate who participated in an exchange with the University of Economics in Prague, Czech Republic.

Here are some of my favorite more local-y spots that I would recommend to anyone who is looking to study abroad! And of course, the typical must-see sighs Czech Republic Elizabeth Snow 4like the Prague Castle, Old Town Square and the Jewish Quarter.

Vysehrad Fortress: a magical view of the city with a pretty cool fortress and wall-walk that very few tourists make it too. On Saturday mornings, go to the farmer’s market for food and coffee at the riverside and then walk up the hill at the far Southern end to check it out! Especially pretty during the sun.

Lokal: a great beer-hall type of place that has many different locations around the city. Always very busy but great for bigger groups if you can get a table! Make sure to try out the Pilsner, or just ask your waiter to bring you whatever they recommend.

Czech Republic Elizabeth Snow 5Naplavka Farmer’s Market: one of my favorite places to spend a Saturday morning! A huge riverside market with live music and a ton of local venues with both food, goods and drinks.

Letna Beer Garden: one of the best beer gardens, but only when it’s sunny and warm out! If you are here in the Spring, go a lot! The view is unbeatable and the park is also wonderful for a little picnic or run.

Vitkov National Memorial: a very cool, old Communist building that has been renovated into a museum and a national monument where you can get good views on clear days. Really close to the dorms and can be done within a short walk that passes through yet another cool park with a few playgrounds, soccer fields and picnic spots. Easily spotted by the massive man riding a horse!

Czech Republic Elizabeth Snow 7Peter’s Apartment: my local coffee shop that I think very fondly of! Very close to the university and the owners are 3 cool guys who are always up to chat. I spent a lot of time here eating their delicious donuts and coffee while doing school work. Plus, fast wifi!

Slav Epic: a very cool exhibit in the National Art Gallery in Prague that has contains 20 large canvas paintings by Alfon Mucha, a Czech Art Nouveau painter which depicts the mythology and history of Czech and other Slavic people. A great and affordable way to spend a rainy or cold day! If you are going to a art museum in Prague, go here!

Czech Republic Elizabeth Snow 8Outside of Prague, but in Czech Republic

Cesky Krumolv: Please do yourself a favor and make a very short bus ride trip down to this magical town! Like an absolute fairy tale. The castle and the neighboring gardens are worth it alone (complete with a Bear Moat). I don’t think I came across a more perfect, small town than this one. Don’t expect a huge party though! Only a few clubs and bars.

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