Whistle while you work…

Aaron Lykken, Manager – Academic Services & Technologies

While class was out of session during September the TMMBA program office made the most out of the empty office time to complete some facility improvement work.  While most of them are relatively minor in scale, they all feed into a better student experience which pays huge dividends for our busy students.  Some tweaks were made to increase comfort and others for maximizing the space we have, here are the highlights:

  • More outlets in the dining hall so that power is never too far away for a hungry laptop battery
  • Kitchenette added in place of a seldom used closet.  This just became the most popular place to hang out, allows for a dedicated and organized area for coffee, microwave, utensils, etc.
  • Beverages and ice-cream consolidated into the catering area which allowed greater spacing in the dining hall for meals, studying, and team meetings
  • New conference room added in the back of the office.  Just another study location option for teams seeking privacy.
  • Lounge and phone added to the front of the office space.  A big reception desk used to sit up front but we decided that the area would better serve the students by offering additional sitting space to hang out or study.
  • Audio/Visual system added to the dining hall to accommodate guest speakers when speaking to larger groups.
  • Updated projectors added to one of the classrooms to keep the technology up to date.