A Friendly Warning

Guest Post by: Foster Junior Spencer Greenwald. He is a Foster School Undergraduate who participated in a Foster Exchange at Audencia Business School in Nantes, France in Fall semester 2018.

Living in Nantes has consistently and powerfully developed a love for French culture I never anticipated.

For me, the beauty of French culture comes in its absurd sense of patience. This coming from the deep-rooted traditions of France that value perfection. Everything here takes time, but everything’s done correctly. While I can guarantee this will frustrate any American students who come here – most likely, through France’s humorously strict adherence to diligence in paperwork – I can also say that it is hard for me to imagine returning to America.

Every moment in France has been spectacular. The idea of giving up the perfection of sitting with friends, sipping espresso, and enjoying a smoke gives me chills. After four months here, I cannot imagine a life where I do not return (hopefully professionally).

To students considering living in France — I warn you  you will not want to go back.

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