Takeaways from a Semester in Europe

Guest Post by: Foster Junior Spencer Greenwald. He is a Foster School Undergraduate who participated in a Foster Exchange at Audencia Business School in Nantes, France in Fall semester 2018.One of the many takeaways I have had from my time studying abroad (in Europe) is the awe-inspiring sense of community one has on exchange.

Living in America, it is hard to go too far beyond individuals with a similar background as yourself. My time in Europe has developed connections with individuals from across the globe. These individuals bring a range of experience with nations and cultures I never imagined possible. Especially amongst business students, being bilingual is no accomplishment. Rather, individuals speak fluently three languages and conversationally another two. What’s more, it is near-impossible to meet someone who has only lived in one country.I consider my time in France an impressive accomplishment, when I have regularly met individuals who, for example, grew up in Hungary, went to high school in Switzerland, college in France, and worked in Greece.

Studying in Europe is sure to inspire any who do to begin to adapt their considerations of career and life to a more global context.