7 Unique Ways to Explore Your Interests at Foster MSCM

We at Foster MSCM believe in the holistic development of our students. Experiential learning of Supply Chain Management concepts in class and applying them to solve problems for a real client is just the beginning of our students’ professional lives. We support it all when it comes to exploring passions, whether through collaboration with peers and/or faculty or through independent projects.

Here are 7 ways our students have added their unique touches to the Foster MSCM program.  

Collaborate With Fellow UW/Foster Programs 

As a Foster MSCM student, you will have access to many resources and activities that happen outside of the program. If no direct connections seem available, make them yourself! Learn about this student from the class of 2022 who hosted a cooking competition for Foster MSCM and MSBA students to celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival.

Participate in Case Competitions 

Each year, UW Foster and its entities organize several case competitions, which are great to practice your in-class learnings for solving real-world business problems. Such events are also well-known for their networking opportunities with industry professionals, who judge or panel the submissions. The prestigious TCU case competition is one such annual hands-on learning experience for invited graduate students. 

Be at the Forefront of DEI Impact 

The Graduate Student Diversity Committee (GSDC) gathers student representatives from each Foster program to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies across the school. Students work with departmental leadership and assist Michelle Purnell-Hepburn, Associate Dean for Inclusion and Diversity, to create an inclusive curriculum and environment for our students. Learn more about how you can get involved.

Develop an Independent Study 

Foster your interests by pursuing independent study and working closely with the faculty. Independent studies mean the sky is the limit. 

Pitch Your Ideas to Real Investors 

Foster students can participate in the annual Dempsey Startup Competition, organized by the Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship. The competition provides students with a platform to develop their business plans and present them to investors. Read about a prize-winning startup idea by an MSCM student that was presented at the 2023 Dempsey Startup Competition. 

Mentor Supply Chain Management Aspirants as a Student Ambassador 

Student ambassadors bring special insights to the table. Our ambassadors mentor students from around the world about being in the cohort. By sharing their authentic perspectives about life as an MSCM student, prospective students get a peek into the Foster experience.   

Share Your Story Through the Foster MSCM Website 

We are always interested in getting to know more about the student experience of our cohorts. While we try to look for unique narratives to share with the Foster MSCM community, we also encourage guest writers to contribute to the website. The blank canvas is yours to fill with your story! Read about an international student’s experience in his own words. 

The advising staff is here to help you grow academically and professionally in the manner you choose. Bring your ideas to us and let’s talk about making them come true!

Written by Niv Joshi
Writer & Content Strategist
[email protected]

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