A Case for Mondays

Scott Hannah, TMMBA Student (Class of 2010)

I may seem a little prejudiced toward the Monday class session, as that was the session I chose for myself when I enrolled, but with applications for Class 2012 rolling in, I thought I would make a case for the oft maligned day of the week.

At our welcoming reception way back in 2008, the alumni speaker bemoaned all the drawbacks to Mondays.  But after our first quarter I soon discovered that there were several benefits to this day of the week which I’ll share with you.

For most people, Mondays are the worst day of the week, and if you’re a glass-half-empty kind of person, having class on a Monday just adds to the pain.  For me, having class on a Monday meant that I was more rested following the weekend, that I generally had a full day beforehand to prepare, and the readings were fresh in my mind.  Additionally, following Monday’s class, I had the rest of the week to prepare for the two class sessions on Saturday when they occurred.  From a psychological standpoint, when looking at a Monday class schedule on the calendar, it seemed like there was more time between classes than if I were to attend classes on Wednesday.  The final benefit to Mondays are, if at the last minute you can’t attend class, you can always make it up on Wednesday.  You could never do that if you were in the Wednesday session.

Ultimately, whichever session you choose/are assigned to, I think you will quickly discover the TMMBA program to be a rewarding experience.

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