Angela Dunham

Angela Dunham
Angela Dunham
Marketing & Operations Leader

I am a marketing and operations leader with a passion for technology, environmental sustainability, and education. After a 10+ year career at Microsoft, I took a break to consult for non-profits and serve on several non-profit boards.

As a mentor, I excel at…

  • Navigating functional career transitions post-MBA
  • Getting hired at Microsoft
  • Resume and interview prep
  • Exploring non-profit and board service work

When I have free time, I…

enjoy volunteering, skiing, and exploring the Olympic Peninsula with my family.

The best career decision I’ve made was…

to go back and get my MBA. I made lifelong friendships and career connections that have helped me grow my career.

I describe myself as…

resourceful, pragmatic, and a planner.

As a kid, I was fascinated by…

designing and building things.

As an adult, I’m fascinated by…

designing and building things (mostly programs and house remodels).