Hemanth Srinivas

Hemanth Srinivas Senior Director, Software Engineering at Tableau I am a versatile engineering leader with over 19 years of experience working across a variety of... Read More

Reetu Gupta

Reetu Gupta Co-Founder and CEO at Cirkled in I’m a startup founder, leveraging my experience in corporate America as a strategist, marketer, and engineer to... Read More

Mike Byrnes

Mike Byrnes Previous GM/VP, Business Development and Strategic Partnerships at Bolt I am a technology executive with 20 years of experience helping organizations stand up... Read More

Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson VP of Product Management – Intelligent Platform Solutions at SGH – SMART Global Holdings I’m a reformed engineer turned product management executive. My... Read More

Dave Sampson

Dave Sampson Chief Marketing Officer at iVisa I lead growth marketing for technology companies, to help overcome customer adoption barriers and accelerate revenue growth. I... Read More

Pooja Seth

Pooja Seth VP Advertising Technology at Expedia Group I am currently leading the Advertising Technology team at Expedia. I have over 20+ years’ experience in... Read More

Daniel Yu

Daniel Yu SVP Solution Management and Product Marketing at SAP It allows me to share my experiences and contribute to the growth of the next... Read More

Jouni Welander

Jouni Welander Vice President of Sales, New Media at Ateme I am a Vice President of Sales in a high-tech software company, leading a small... Read More

Padmaja Vrudula

Padmaja Vrudula Vice President, Solution Innovation at Snowflake I run an innovation team focused on emerging tech at Snowflake, a cloud data platform. It is... Read More

Daniel Stein

Daniel Stein Group Product Manager, Core Experiences at Brex I am a product leader with over a dozen years of experience coaching teams and building... Read More