Foster Scramble

I have to admit I was thoroughly questioning my decision to participate in the Annual Foster Golf Scramble 2009 when at about Foster Scramble8:15pm the evening prior to the event, a torrential downpour decided to hit Seattle. I moved to Seattle from San Diego back in August and I can honestly say that it was the hardest rain since my return to the Pacific Northwest. Thus, as I was sipping on a lovely cappuccino inside the warm walls of my favorite coffeehouse, I found myself dreading the cold, wet morning that was inevitably going to follow…
IMG_1613However, when I woke up Saturday morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the rain had stopped and it looked like fairly clear skies (from what I could make out at 6:30 am!) for our golfing excursion! The Annual Foster Golf Scramble was held at Washington National Golf Club located in Auburn, WA and is the official Huskies golf course. As the groggy MBA’s started trickling in, the sun emerged and it was an absolutely stunning day for a round of golf. The views on the course were beautiful and the grounds well-manicured, which made for a wonderful experience with my fellow Evening MBA teammates.
The event was a success, with everyone really enjoying themselves and the opportunity to spend a Saturday morning getting to know each other outside the classroom walls. I highly recommend participating in future events if at all possible!
Guest Blogger: Danielle Johanneck, Foster Evening MBA Class of 2012