Lyndsey Shimazu & A Unique Career Path

“The only person who can advocate for me 100% of the time is me.” – Lyndsey Shimazu, MSCM ’23

Happy International Women’s Day from all of us at Foster MSBA. Join us in celebrating the impactful women currently enrolled in our program.   

Welcome to the second post of this three-part series, where we share different aspects of women in analytics. Next up, Lyndsey Shimazu! 

Lyndsey’s Non-Traditional Career Path 

Lyndsey is a Business Intelligence Analyst at Alaska Airlines, where she is applying technical skills such as SQL, Tableau, and data visualization, to communicate with stakeholders colleagues about growing the business. 

With a background in Psychology and Economics from a Liberal Arts College, Lyndsey came to Foster with a strong willingness to learn. She is a perfect example of you don’t have to fit into 100% of the job description 

“I’ve redirected my priorities to things that I’m truly passionate about instead of those that would only look good on my resume,” Lyndsey shared. 

Being open to mentorship while pushing toward passions has been Lyndsey’s approach into the field of analytics in her non-traditional career path. She brings a unique perspective to the table and supports whichever team she is a part of by elevating each member’s strengths.  

“That’s what leaders do,” Lyndsey said. “They don’t necessarily have the loudest or the strongest opinion in the room, but they are aware of everyone’s skills.”  

And these are the kinds of leaders Lyndsey is following, to cultivate her own leadership skills holistically. “I always felt like I had to do more in order to prove my capabilities,” Lyndsey said. “By choosing Foster MSBA, I am doing more to uplift my career.” 

Want to hear more from students like Lyndsey? Stay tuned for some strategies to stand out by current student Seun Osunkoya.

Written by Niv Joshi
Writer & Content Strategist
[email protected]