Q & A with KD Fleis


Katherine (KD) Fleis graduated from the Master of Professional Accounting program in June, 2018. She now works for Deloitte in Seattle doing audit/analytics.

Why did you choose UW’s MPAcc program?

I chose UW’s MPAcc program because I wanted to prepare myself for the evolving world of accounting. While an undergraduate degree in accounting serves as the technical foundation for a career in accounting, I found that I had very little knowledge of the bigger picture. The MPAcc program offered me the opportunity to understand how and why that foundation came to exist and how it will change in the future.



How has MPAcc prepared you for your current role?

The MPAcc program built upon the foundation I grew in my undergraduate career and gave me a sense of the bigger picture. The program gave me insight into how to remain relevant as the profession rapidly evolves into a more technologically sophisticated field. I am now able to have high level discussions with my clients and give better insights into how they will need to grow and change with the profession.


What advice would you give a current undergraduate choosing between MPAcc or a 5th year of undergraduate classes?

Ultimately the choice between the MPAcc program and an additional year of undergraduate classes was a simple one for me, but it comes down to what your end goal is. I chose to pursue my Master’s degree because I felt I had a sufficient technical background, but lacked a more holistic education. If you desire to go into a career that requires an extensive knowledge of technical accounting, I recommend pursuing a 5th year. If, instead, you desire a career that requires not only a knowledge of technical accounting, but also an understanding of what the profession is and how best to advise clients, I recommend the MPAcc program.


What were the advantages of getting a masters in Seattle?

Seattle is a an ever growing hub of technology and commerce. As these companies continue to grow they require intelligent, forward thinking candidates to fill their new positions. By getting a Master’s degree in Seattle, you have direct access to these companies as they visit the school for recruitment. Seattle is truly a fantastic place to get your Master’s because of the sheer volume of opportunities right next door.


Is there anything else you would tell a prospective student about UW’s (Foster’s) MPAcc program?

The MPAcc program presents a unique opportunity to grow as an accountant. Your classmates and the faculty challenge you to think about the profession in a new way. You are pushed to think about how the profession is evolving and how you can personally help the profession to grow. If you are looking for a program that recognizes the importance of a well-rounded education, look no further.

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