Q & A with Zach Wang

Zach Wang completed his Master of Professional Accounting–Audit/Analytics in June 2018 and now works as an Audit Associate with Deloitte and Touche LLP in the Bay Area.

Why did you choose UW’s MPAcc program?


I did a lot research before I chose the MPAcc. I personally think the MPAcc program stands out over other masters programs in terms of its career-oriented curriculum, research-based classes and professional environment. The classes have far-reaching influence not only over my daily job but also have pushed me to think about upcoming changes in the accounting/auditing profession. The MPAcc is also known for its ability to connect student with working professionals both in public accounting and industry through class meetings and various career events. It offered us the opportunity to go through a recruiting season to find the best-match job. The program really prepared and helped me to thrive in audit.




How has MPAcc prepared you for your current role?


From a big picture perspective, the MPAcc program had equipped me with a critical thinking and forward-looking mind-set. It also pushed me to behave professionally by constantly interacting, learning and growing with high profile people in the accounting industry. Now as an Auditor in the field, I find it super helpful since professionalism and critical thinking are the keys to help me face new challenges every day. On the other hand, speaking practically, the design of the MPAcc curriculum offers me opportunities to learn about the latest hot topics such as blockchain, machine learning and artificial intelligence. It also allowed me to have time to prepare for CPA exam. When I started as a first year at Deloitte, these skills and this knowledge gave me a step ahead in some fields.



What advice would you give a current undergraduate choosing between MPAcc or a 5th year of undergraduate classes?


  1. The MPAcc is a good program for students who want to have a deeper understanding about accounting and for those with a forward-looking perspective. This program not only teaches you accounting knowledge but also gives you the opportunity to brainstorm with people who share the same passion.
  2. The MPAcc ‘s professional setting is different from just taking classes. We had the chance to learn about cutting-edge insights from top tier accounting professionals. We had chance to talk to FASB board members, Microsoft executives and big four crews. The program is not only classes but also a chance to explore different aspects of accounting and the chance to learn about the real business world. For people who want to experience both the academic side and the business side, I would recommend the MPAcc program rather than a fifth year.



What were the advantages of getting a masters in Seattle?


  1. Seattle is one of the biggest cities in the west coast. There are a lot of big corporations headquartered here. This means we got a lot more chances to connect with professionals and, most importantly, a lot more job opportunities.
  2. It is Seattle! During summer time, the city is just beautiful and had a lot of fun things going on– musical festival, beer festival, parade and too many to list all here….
  3. If you like outdoor activities, Seattle is the perfect place. I spent a lot of time during the program going kayaking, hiking, skiing, and boating.
  4. Diversified culture: Seattle has a diversified composition and people can always find their group here. People here are also open-minded and have a welcoming attitude.




Is there anything else you would tell a prospective student about UW’s (Foster’s) MPAcc program?


  1. Be humble in this program. The students in this program are extremely competitive and you need to be humble in the group to learn. The program is also team-based, so you need to be a good team player to shine.
  2. You can also make life-long friends from this program. I still have a really dedicated group of friends I met during this program. It’s not only about class, it is about good living and an unforgettable experience.

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