Seattle Growth Podcast Case Study: The Artist and the Developer

What happens to an artist and a locally owned coffee house when they encounter a for-profit developer in a rapidly growing city? The answer may surprise you.

This special episode of the Seattle Growth Podcast tells the interweaving story of local artist Jane Richlovsky; Ali Ghambari, owner of Cherry Street Coffee House; Greg Smith, CEO of Urban Visions Real Estate; and Karen True, director of business development at the Alliance for Pioneer Square.

Their unexpected story has implications not only for developers, artists and small businesses, but for anyone concerned with the future of Seattle.

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The Seattle Growth Podcast is a 13-episode exploration of this booming city’s ongoing transformation. Episodes consider Seattle’s tech boom, the challenges of buying a home and renting, homelessness, the city’s character and culture, efforts to build density, emergency services, healthcare, schools, transportation, public utilities, and visions for the future. A special episode investigates a proposed city ordinance that would allow homeless encampments in public spaces.

The series is hosted and produced by Jeff Shulman, an associate professor of marketing and the Marion B. Ingersoll Professor at the UW Foster School of Business.