Seun Osunkoya & Standing Out

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“There’s just something about women, that’s adding a unique touch to the tech industry so don’t forget that you deserve to be here.” – Seun Osunkoya, MSBA ‘23

Happy International Women’s Day from all of us at Foster MSBA. Join us in celebrating some remarkable women in our program who bring unique perspectives.

Welcome to the final post of this three-part series, where we share different aspects of women in analytics. Next up, Seun Osunkoya!  

Seun’s Words of Wisdom 

Seun pursued her undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from Nigeria and has experience working as a Maintenance Engineer at an oil & gas company. She takes pride in being the first female in a technical role in her organization and the second female Maintenance Engineer in the history of the company.

She came with experience in managing a 25-person team that maintained the mechanical equipment in the facility. With the aim to sharpen her business concepts to better lead the team holistically, she came to Foster MSBA. 

Despite being a tough leader, Seun is known as an empathetic person and one who advocates for other people’s uniqueness. “Make yourself approachable,” Seun said. “It is an easier route to speaking up about workplace injustices and have your input valued.” 

Seun recommends striving to be the best performer on the team. Knowing there’s a reason you’re a part of the team is step one to success. “My advice is to be really good at your job and let your work speak on your behalf,” Seun said. 

Through her work as a Student Ambassador for Foster MSBA, Seun volunteers her time to help others make informed decisions on their educational journeys. 

“The skills we learn in Business Analytics are also transferable skills,” Seun said. “If you see a job that is not of a Data Analyst, you might still be eligible because the things we learn in class can be applied to so many other fields, especially in today’s world where people bring such unique skills to the table.” 

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Written by Niv Joshi
Writer & Content Strategist
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