Sleepless on the Eastside


We’ve noticed that a lot of our readers have pressing questions about the nature of a Technology Management MBA from UW’s Foster School of Business. From “Tell me about Foster” to all the way to “How will I survive an 18-month program?” So, we’ve decided to respond to myriad inquiries about the MBA for technology professionals.

I live and work in Redmond and I heard about your program and love the fact that is located on the Eastside in Kirkland – how convenient! Just wondering if I will get the same benefits as students on the UW Seattle campus?  

-Sleepless on the Eastside

Dear Sleepless on the Eastside,
You are correct, our classes are all based at the Eastside Executive Center in Kirkland – central to both sides of Lake Washington (more than just a coincidence!). But do not fear — you have full access to the benefits offered on the main campus including libraries, clubs, guest speaker events and more.


We realize that you may have a pressing question of your own, so please feel free to write Dear TMMBA  or you can call us at 206-221-6914. We’ll get right on it.

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