Spotted on LinkedIn: Foster MSBA Students

March was an exciting time at Foster MSBA as we introduced the talented students in our program ready to enter the workforce. We hope that showcasing their unique professional and experiential backgrounds will provide valuable exposure and opportunities to our students during their job search. 

The graduating class of 2023 has a wide range of passions and skills that they continue to update on the LinkedIn platform. We at Foster MSBA are proud to share their talents and interests via our LinkedIn page. Our aim is to support our students as they explore the vastness of the Business Analytics field and make their dream career out of it.

Here’s what a current student had to say about being featured on the Foster MSBA LinkedIn page: 

Sean Lin: “After the post was released, my visibility increased, and I saw traffic on my LinkedIn profile.” 

Learn more about the bright minds at Foster MSBA:

Yi-Sheng Lin

A data enthusiast, eager to contribute immediate value to enterprises based on past professional experiences in the technology industry.

Swetha Mohan

A data analyst, proficient in Python, R, SQL, Advanced Excel, Tableau, ML, and AI.

Dannis Men

A data analytics professional, aspiring to lead organizations through a smooth transition toward technical change and data-driven decision-making.

Joydeep Mishra

A technology enthusiast, with over five years of experience shipping cloud-native applications at Dell Technologies.

Noufris Hadjicharitou

A professional with a robust data analytics background to provide solutions to drive digital transformation.

Handong Liu

A data analyst, passionate about delivering business results in the tech or financial industry.

Keyu Huang

A data analyst, who drives the decision-making process through strong technical proficiency and in-depth storytelling.

Seun Osunkoya

An experienced analyst with over five years of experience in the energy industry.

Aakash Neve

A management consultant and business analyst, who aspires to explore roles in data science, consulting, and business analysis.

Anshika Sharma

An experienced analyst, who is enthusiastic about forming data-driven, data visualization, and financial analysis.

Kasvi Gupta

A technology consulting professional, with exceptional experience in data management, data visualization, data analytics, business development, and project management. I have a strong focus on project management, business growth, and technology implementation. Overall, I believe that my skill sets and experience would make me a strong candidate for a role that involves managing and delivering projects, particularly in the technology or consulting industry.

Shravani Bheema

An academic nomad, with an ardent love for data science and social impact. I am passionate about translating information into insight to catalyze social change. I have worked in mission-driven organizations such as UNICEF and Sattva, to solve problems related to public health, primary education, gender equality, and equitable access to resources.

Check out the amazing skillset of the class of 2023 and stay up to date with student projects and fun happenings over on the Foster MSBA LinkedIn page!

Written by Niv Joshi
Writer & Content Strategist
[email protected]