Student Profiles: Honoring Hispanic Heritage Month at Foster, Part 4

In commemoration of Hispanic Heritage month, we are profiling Foster MBA students and asking them to share the importance of their Hispanic heritage. In our first post, we had elaborated on the significance of Hispanic Heritage Month and featured Myrna Barrera-Torres. Our second and third post put the spotlight on Kevin Strand and Cynthia Vargas Hernandez respectively.

Christopher Cuevas, Foster Class of 2022

Christopher Cuevas, Foster Class of 2022

Our last post in the series highlights Christopher Cuevas.

Christopher Cuevas Quirarte

  • Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Veracruz, Mexico.

  • What did you do before pursuing your MBA? 

I received my bachelor’s degree in Management at Universidad Veracruzana. Then, I worked as a tax compliance consultant working with companies in Mexico. After a couple of years in the consulting industry, I co-founded a startup in the agtech industry. I’m a Fulbright-García Robles grantee at Foster, pursuing an MBA focused on Finance and Marketing.

  • What’s your cultural background?

I was born and raised in Mexico.

  • How do you connect to your heritage? 

I connect to my heritage with music. I grew up in an environment close to music and arts. I learned from my parents to recite poems in Spanish, my native language. Later, I learned to play the drums and percussion. It was because of those early experiences that I’m fascinated by the richness and diversity you can find in Latin American literature and music.  As I look back on it, listening and reading poetry had a profound impact on developing skills like creativity, communication, and curiosity for learning new things.

  • What leader, cultural figure, or historical moment would you like to recognize during this month and why?

I would like to recognize the people and institutions who have devoted their careers to promoting and strengthening the fraternity and collaboration with the Hispanic community and Latin American countries. One of them is the Fulbright program, which has worked tirelessly to increase the understanding and cooperation among our cultures in collaboration with other nations’ governments. I would also like to recognize all the people involved in the Fulbright-Garcia Robles scholarship at COMEXUS, who have helped students like myself pursue graduate-level  studies in American universities and become ambassadors of our culture and Mexico.

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Aarin Murray, Foster Class of 2022, and Christine Pham, Foster Class of 2022 and VP of Diversity at Foster, co-authored this post.

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