The 2022 Foster Awards: recognizing extraordinary faculty and staff achievement

Asher Curtis

Presenting The Fosters for 2022. This package of annual awards honors the best and brightest achievements during the 2021-2022 academic year by faculty and staff at the University of Washington Foster School of Business.

Foster School Excellence Awards

PACCAR Award for Excellence in Teaching – Darren Bernard
Charles E. Summer Memorial Teaching Award – Asher Curtis, Alexis Leon
Pacific Coast Banking School Dean’s Leadership Awards – Emer Dooley, Michelle Griffin, Jeff Shulman, Yong Tan
Dean’s Excellence Award for Undergraduate Teaching – Elina Hwang, Leela Nageswaran

Elina Hwang

Dean’s Excellence Award for Graduate Teaching – Issariya Sirichakwal, Alexis Leon
Dean’s Excellence Award for Faculty Research – Kira Schabram, Francesca Valsesia
William A. & Helen I. Fowler Award for Special Achievement in Accounting or Finance – Ed deHaan
Lex N. Gamble Family Award for Excellence in Case Development and Curriculum Innovation – Darren Bernard, Sarah Shaikh, Crystal Farh

Graduate Programs Awards

Full-Time MBA Professors of the Year – Simha Mummalaneni
Evening MBA Professors of the Year – Christina Fong and Lance Young (Class of 2022), Sven Peterson (Class of 2023), Ed deHaan (Class of 2024).

Ed deHaan

Technology Management MBA Excellence in Teaching – Shelly Jain
Hybrid MBA Excellence in Teaching – Alexis Leon (core), Elizabeth Umphress (elective)

Executive MBA Robert M. Bowen Excellence in Teaching – Jonathan Karpoff
Executive MBA Outstanding Teaching Assistants – Zihao Chen, Natalie Chisam, CJ Onyekwelu, Samantha Seto
Executive Development Program Faculty Teaching Award  – Pat Bettin

Uttara Ananthakrishnan

Master of Supply Chain Management Excellence in Teaching – Issariya Sirichakwal, Hamed Mamani
MS in Information Systems Excellence in Teaching – Uttara Ananthakrishnan
MS in Business Analytics Excellence in Teaching – Lalit Jain, Issariya Sirichakwal
MS in Entrepreneurship Excellence in Teaching – Alicia DeSantola

Undergraduate Programs Awards

Undergraduate Faculty of the Year – Leta Beard
Finance and Business Economics – Jarrad Harford
Information Systems and Operations Management – Shaosong Ou

Shaosong Ou

Management and Organization – Tod Bergstrom
Marketing and International Business – Marty Matthews
Undergraduate Staff of the Year – Zach McKinlay

Staff Awards

Staff Excellence Award – Andrea Bowers, Jack Chung, Rachael Davis, Zane Murray, Angela Shelley

Emerging Leader Award – Brent Nagamine, Tal Lev

Faculty Promotions

Ming Fan – Professor of Information Systems
Michael Johnson – Professor of Management
Crystal Farh – Professor of Management
Ryan Fehr – Professor of Management

Crystal Farh

Darren Bernard – Associate Professor of Accounting
Elina Hwang – Associate Professor of Information Systems
Yang Song – Associate Professor of Finance
Shaosong Ou – Teaching Professor of Information Systems
Marty Mathews – Associate Teaching Professor of Marketing and International Business

Faculty Appointment

Christina Fong – Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs

Faculty Retirements

Ted Klastorin – Professor of Operations, Burlington Northern/Burlington Resources Professor in Manufacturing Management, Past Chair of the Department of Management Science (now ISOM)
Steve Sefcik – Professor of Accounting, PricewaterhouseCoopers Professor of Accounting, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs (2007-2022)

Steve Sefcik

Paul Malatesta – Professor of Finance and Business Economics, Norman J. Metcalfe Professor in Finance, Managing Editor of the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (1987-2022)
Ed Rice – Associate Professor of Finance and Business Economics, William W. Alberts Endowed Professor, served on more than 100 UW, Foster School and student dissertation committees
John Hansen – Teaching Professor of Finance
Dianne Legg – Teaching Professor of Finance

Staff Retirements

Marcia Caldwell – Program Coordinator, MBA Career Management
Teresa Marks – Director of Donor Relations, Advancement
Emily Reed – Computer Support Analyst, IT
LA Smith – Director of Marketing Operations, Marketing & Communications
Barby Pearson – Director of MBA Program Operations

UW Excellence Awards

Michael Verchot – Alumni Association Distinguished Service Award
David N. Stone – Distinguished Alumni Veteran Award
Marcus J. Johnson – Excellence in Teaching Award (joining Foster Faculty next year to teach communications)

The PACCAR Award is made possible by PACCAR Inc and The PACCAR Foundation. The Summer Award is made possible by the Charles E. Summer Outstanding Teaching Award Fund. Dean’s Excellence Awards are made possible by the Wells Fargo Faculty Award Fund, the Takashi and Lily Hori Endowment for Leadership and Strategy in Business Fund and the Andrew V. Smith Faculty Development Fund. The Fowler Award is made possible by the William A. and Helen I. Fowler Endowment for Special Achievement or Recognition Fund. The Gamble Family Award is made possible by the Lex N. Gamble Family Award for Excellence in Case Development and Curriculum Innovation Fund. Staff Excellence and Emerging Leader Awards made possible by Lee and Darlene Nutter through the Dean’s Academic Excellence Fund.