TMMBA Faculty Spill the Beans on their Favorite Resources

By Sara Jones, TMMBA Assistant Director

There are so many books, websites, and resources for business professionals that it can be hard to find the golden nuggets in the mix. I recently caught up with two TMMBA faculty members and asked for a list of favorite resources they would recommend to students and alums. Here’s what they said:

Debra Glassman, Senior Lecturer in Business EconomicsProfessor Debra Glassman

Glassman has been at the Foster School since 1992 and began teaching Domestic & International Economic Conditions in TMMBA in 2011. Her specialties include international finance, global macroeconomics, international trade policy and institutions, and European business. When I asked for her recommendation, she suggested publications from the Federal Reserve. Here’s why:

Publications from regional Federal Reserve banks have articles that are short, timely, and accessible to the general business reader.  Examples include (but are not limited to) the “Chicago Fed Letter,”, the Cleveland Fed’s “Forefront,” and “The Region” from the Minneapolis Fed.   You can search topics across all Federal Reserve publications using

Warren Boeker, Professor of ManagementProfessor Warren Boeker

Professor Boeker teaches Strategic Management of Technology & Innovation during the fourth quarter of the TMMBA Program. He specializes in competition, corporate strategy, entrepreneurship, and international business. He has seven go-to websites and blogs on his list:

Boeker also recommends the book Where Good Ideas Come From by Steven Johnson.

What are your favorite business resources?

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