TMMBA Halloween Poker Night

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Nhi Huong Huynh – Fiscal Specialist

TMMBA students and spouses and significant others had a lot of fun at “The Halloween Poker Night” on Saturday, October 30th from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Everyone showed up with costumes to play poker tournament and enjoyed drinks and food. Corey and Mike gave a brief a tutorial on how to play poker and then we start with a buy-in of $15. Some people were serious on playing poker, but others were friendly. After the first half, we took 15 minutes breaks for drinks and food. Most everyone got a re-buy of $15 for the second half of the tournament. A lot excited hands got to the last round. Finally, the tournament ended exactly at 9:00PM. Almost forgot about the important part here, half of the proceeds will go to the Children’s Hospital of Seattle and other half were prizes for last 5 players of the tournament.

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