What free time?

For anyone considering pursuing an MBA, here’s a little insight into life as a grad student at Foster…

I had two classes today – 8:30 am and then not again until 6:00 pm. This left me with over 7 hours on campus to get work done, attend a few short meetings and even get some exercise! I enthusiastically packed my running shoes and the necessary gear this morning and brought it all with me to campus today.

My 6:00 pm class is now nearing and the running shoes haven’t left my bag.

7 HOURS completely filled with the aforementioned homework and meetings, along with some impromptu conversations about bidding on next quarter’s electives, a short lunch with a classmate, time out to organize some files and return some emails and 7 hours are gone. Just like that.

I say it all too often but… maybe I can find time for a run tomorrow.