Dave Sampson

Dave Sampson
Chief Marketing Officer at iVisa

I lead growth marketing for technology companies, to help overcome customer adoption barriers and accelerate revenue growth.

I had no mentors earlier in my career, and consequently I tended to do everything the hard way and made a slew of mistakes. My aim as a mentor is to offer students a sounding board on career path choices, on maximizing contribution at work, on leading teams, and related topics.

As a mentor, I excel at…

  • Revenue-focused marketing
  • Product marketing and product management
  • Building and coaching high-performance teams

The best career decision I’ve made was…

being persuaded by my wife Delia to move to a city with a vibrant tech ecosystem – Seattle! – and we’ve loved it here ever since.

I find inspiration…

  • sitting on long flights, with my laptop on and no distractions
  • plummeting down a ski hill as fast as I possibly can, and occasionally faster than I can
  • driving on a twisty country road with no traffic ahead of me (this almost never happens)

I describe myself as…

I like the term “hunch cruncher,” because I love to combine entrepreneurial instincts with experiments and data.

My motto/tagline is…

Good judgement comes from experience. And experience comes from bad judgement.