From general manager to CRM campaign manager

Devika Bashani, EMBA 2013, had built a successful career in retail marketing, most recently with a family-owned business based in Pune, India. But she faced a number of obstacles when she decided to pursue a new career in the Seattle area. She needed business expertise, a network of business contacts, and skills in navigating a career search in a new country. The Executive MBA Program met these needs. Her courses helped her build on her previous experience and develop expertise in data-driven marketing that employers valued. Her classmates helped her build a local network and adjust to business culture in the US. The EMBA career counselor worked with her to develop her search strategy and fine-tune communications with prospective employers. The result: Within months of graduation she landed a position with one of the area’s major employers in the wireless communications industry.

For the experienced professionals who graduate from Foster’s Executive MBA Program, career challenges come in many shapes and sizes. Watch four EMBA alumni talk about facing these challenges. Each triumphed over adversity with new knowledge and skills, a new network of contacts and assistance from the EMBA program’s career coach.

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